"Making Healthy a Way of Life!"

My name is Penny Marie, welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.
I became interested in health and nutrition a few years ago after learning I have osteaoarthritis in my hips and lower back. At that point I decided to start building healthy habits and make changes in my lifestyle to control the pain and inflammation naturally and make sure my later years are healthy and happy. In addition to controlling the pain and inflammation, it has made such a difference in how good I feel I wanted to help others do the same.
Building Healthy Lifestyle helps you and your family;
  • Develop long term Healthy Habits
  • Avoid nutrition related desease
  • Learn simple and quick healthy recipes
  • Fun ways for you and your family to stay active
About                                                          Additional Services
I am a Holistic Health and wellness coach master certified by the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. Holistic Health coaching only means I believe that it takes more than nutrition alone to make us healthier and happier, it takes the whole person in body and in spirit.

I offer holistic health and wellness workshops that are based around the Dr. Sears LEAN scientific based program. The LEAN based program educates you on ways to build a healthier lifestyle. LEAN stands for L= Lifestyles, E=Exercise, A=Attitude, N=Nutrition

The workshop is an hour long and is held once a week. This 6 week commitment is the beginning building block of the lifelong investment in yourself to living a happy, healthy and a fantastic full life for you and your family.

This program makes positive contributions to all lives young and old. Participants will experience, improved health, fewer sick days, better weight control, more energy, happier and more.


This is not a diet this is a way of life!

In attending an edcuation workshop you can expect it to be:

  • filled with practical solutions for living healthier and happier
  • simple and time saving ideas to incorporate healthier eating
  • interactive, edcuational and fun
Grow Healthy Vending
​I am a Grow Healthy Vending Machine operator in the Hampton Roads Virginia area. Having the passion to help others in building a healthier lifestyle I beleive a great place to start is offering healthier choices in our vending machines.

To find out more about Grow Healthy Vending and how to have a Grow healthy vending machine at your location go to the contact page and send me a message.

For more informaion and additional services please feel free to contact me.
I am looking foward to working with you and help guide you to Building A Healthy Lifestyle!